Sheng-Mao Chang


Associate Professor (CV)

Department of Statistics,

National Cheng Kung University,

Tainan, Taiwan


Management Building, No. 1, Ta-Hsueh Road, 70101, Tainan, Taiwan

Office Phone: 886-6-2757575#53632



1.     2002 -- 2007 Ph. D. Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, U.S.A.

2.     1996 -- 1997 M.B.A. Department of Statistics, National Taipei University, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

3.     1992 -- 1996 B.B.A. Department of Statistics, National Taipei University, New Taipei City, Taiwan.


Research Interests:

1.     Statistical Computing & Optimization

2.     Generalized Linear Mixed Models

3.     Statistical Models for Social Network Data



I.                 Statistics

1.     Sheng-Mao Chang*, Nanchen Su, Yunchan Chi (2019) Smoothing spline estimation for skew-symmetric density functions, Journal of the Chinese Statistical Association, accepted.

2.     Sheng-Mao Chang, Jung-Ying Tzeng, Ray-Bing Chen* (2017) Fast Bayesian variable screenings for binary response regression, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 87, 27082723.

3.     Ping-Yang Chen*, Ching-Chuan Chen, Chun-Hao Yang, Sheng-Mao Chang, Kuo-Jung Lee (2017) milr: Multiple-Instance Logistic Regression with LASSO penalty, The R Journal, 9, 446457.

4.     Ku, Yu-Chen*, Chiang, Tsun-Feng, Chang, Sheng-Mao (2017) Is What You Choose What You Want-Outlier Detection in Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis, Marketing Letters, 28, 2942.

5.     Sheng-Mao Chang*, Ray-Bing Chen, and Yunchan Chi (2016) Bayesian variable selection for probit model with componentwise Gibbs samplers, Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation, 45, 27522766.

6.     Sheng-Mao Chang (2015) Double shrinkage estimators for large sparse covariance matrices, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 85, 14971511.

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8.     Sheng-Mao Chang (2013) Variable screenings in binary response regressions with multivariate normal predictors, Journal of the Chinese Statistical Association, 51, 427—444.

9.     Sheng-Mao Chang, and Marc G. Genton* (2007), Extreme value distributions for the skew-symmetric family of distributions, Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, Special issue on skew-elliptical distributions and their applications, 36, 1705—1717.


II.               Biostatistics & Statistical Genetics

1.         Sheng-Mao Chang, Hui-Ju Tsai, Jung-Ying Tzeng, Kuo-Wei Yeh, Li-Chen Chen, Shen-Hao Lai, Sui-Ling Laio, Man-Chin Hua, Ming-Han Tsai, Jing-Long Huang*, Tsung-Chieh Yao* (2019) Reference equations for spirometry in healthy Asian children aged 5 to 18 years in Taiwan, World Allergy Organization Journal, 12, 100074.

2.         Rachel Marceau West, Wenbin Lu, Daniel M. Rotroff. Melaine A. Kuenemann, Sheng-Mao Chang, Michael C. Wu, Michael J. Wagner, John B. Buse, Alison A. Motsinger-Reif, Denis Fourches, Jung-Ying Tzeng* (2019) Identifying individual risk rare variants using protein structure-guided local tests (POINT), PLOS Computational Biology, 15, 1006722.

3.         Su, Pei-Fang*. and Chang, Sheng-Mao (2018) Power and sample size calculation for paired right-censored data based on survival copula models, Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation, 47, 1565—1582

4.         Tsai, T.-H., Tsai, W.-Y. Chi, Y.-C.* and Chang, S.-M. (2016) Confidence intervals for the ratio of two median residual lifetimes with left-truncated and right-censored data, Biometrics, 72, 232241.

5.         Jung-Ying Tzeng*, Daowen Zhang, Sheng-Mao Chang, Duncan C. Thomas, Marie Davidian (2009) Gene-trait similarity regression for multimarker-based association analysis, Biometrics, 65, 822832.


III.             Public Health

1.     Tzu-Yi Wu, Tsai-Wang Chang, Sheng-Mao Chang, Yun-Ying Lin, Jung-Der Wang, Yao-Lung Kuo* (2019) Dynamic changes of body image and quality of life in breast cancer patients, Cancer Management and Research, 11, 10563–10571.

2.     Szu-Chun Yang, Chin-Wei Kuo, Wu-Wei Lai, Chien-Chung Lin, Wu-Chou Su, Sheng-Mao Chang, Jung-Der Wang* (2019) Dynamic Changes of Health Utility in Lung Cancer Patients Receiving Different Treatments: A 7-Year Follow-upJournal of Thoracic Oncology,14, 1892—1900.

3.     Li-Jung Ku*, Sheng-Mao Chang, Ming-Chyi Pai (2019) Predictors of caregiver burden and care costs for older persons with dementia in Taiwan, International Psychogeriatrics, 31, 885—894.

4.     Szu-Chun Yang, Chien-Chung Lin, Wu-Wei Lai, Sheng-Mao Chang, Jing-Shiang Hwang, Wu-Chou Su and Jung-Der Wang* (2018) Dynamic changes in quality of life after three first-line therapies for EGFR mutation-positive advanced non-small cell lung cancer, Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology, 10, 1—11.

5.     Jason Hsu*, Sheng-Mao Chang, Christine Y. Lu (2017) Geographic variations and time trends in cancer treatments in Taiwan, BMC Public Health, 18, 89.

6.     Yu-Chun Chang, Miaofen Yen*, Sheng-Mao Chang, Ya-Ming Liu (2017) Exploring the relationship between nursing hours per patient day and mortality rate of hospitalized patients in Taiwan, Journal of Nursing Management, 25, 8592.

7.     Pei-Jung Wu, Sheng-Mao Chang, Ming-Kun Lu, Wei J Chen, Yen-Kuang Yang, Tzung-Lieh Yeh, Shin-Cheng Liao, Ru-Band Lu, Po-Hsiu Kuo* (2012) The profile and familiarity of personality traits in mood disorder families, Journal of Affective Disorders, 138, 367374.


IV.             Published Conference Paper

1.      Ping-Yang Chen, Chi-Chun Hsia, Yen-Hao Su, Ray-Bing Chen, Sheng-Mao Chang(2017) Feedback Control for Binary Response, 2017 Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI), Taipei, Taiwan, 2124.


V.               Software / R program

1.     Power and sample size calculation for paired right-censored data based on survival copula models: Read Me(PDF), R Code

2.     Power calculation for Two One-Sided Test (pdf)


VI.             Technical Reports/Peer Reviewed Conference Papers

1.     Using Gaussian Mixture Model for Feature Selection and Pattern Recognition to Predict the Remaining Useful Life of a Bearing. TAAI 2018, Domestic Track.

2.     Feedback Control for Binary Response. TAAI 2017, International Track.

3.     Incorporating Multivariate Statistical Process Control to Feature Selection for Bearing Health Assessment. TAAI 2017, Domestic Track.

4.     Adaptive Shrinkage for Distributed Lag Models with Application in Gas Supply Control. Presented in TAAI 2016 (Best Paper Award, Domestic Track)

5.     Multiple-Instance Logistic Regression with LASSO Penalty. Presented in TAAI 2015


Courses Taught:

Under Graduate:

Statistics I & II, Linear Algebra I & II, Linear Regression, Programming, Statistical Software and Drawing, Numerical Analysis, Nonparametric Statistics, Financial Statistics


Statistical Methods, Multivariate Data Analysis, Consulting, Linear Models, Generalized Linear Models, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Machine Learning