Medical Image Processing Laboratory

Lab Intro

Our lab is dedicated to developing imaging technique for biomedical applications, especially for magnetic resonance in medicine.

Over past few years, several approaches in accelerating imaging speed for clinical MRI have been developed. And recently we are working to refine these reconstructed images. Our ultimate goal is to develop faster and better imaging methods for MRI to explore how human works.

Call for Students

Now our team is looking for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In our lab, you will be trained with interdisciplinary knowledge including Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, algorithm development,MRI principles and applications, and medical image/signal processing. Students from any background are welcomed as long as you are willing to keep your mind open to new information. For students who are interested in our projects, feel free to send me an e-mail to schedule an appointment.

Our Schedule:

. Our Location:

  • Office: 成功校區資訊系新館65C04.
  • CSIE Building 65C04, Cheng-Kung Campus
  • Lab : 成功校區資訊系新館65401
  • TEL : 06-2757575 ext 62555