Medical Image Processing Laboratory

Principal Investigator


Assistant Professor
Tzu-Cheng Chao, Ph.D.

Graduate Students


Tsung-Lun Wu @ ICSIE

Project: Development of Free Breathing Cardiac CINE Imaging


Chin-Long Cheng @ IMI

Project: Development of Accelerated Dynamic Imaging



Chia-Ling Chang @ ICSIE

Project: TBD



Undergraduate Students


Yen-Liang Liu

Project: 3D Image Fusion


Chung-Min Huang

Project: Data Compression Using Wavelet & PCA


João Lewis

Project: Recovery of Compressed Sensing Using Parallel Computation





Yu-Chien Cheng @ IMI

Project: Simultaneous water and fat decomposition with R2* and field map estimation using bipolar multiecho sequence.



Yi-Min Chung

Project: Parallel Computation on the Inverse Problem


Jia-Ling Chang

Project: Image Recombination From Multi-slab Acquisition


Hsiao-Chung Chang

Project: Image Compression in Both Spatial and Temporal space




Chun-Yi Li

Project: Optimized Data Compression for Dynamic Images Using Principal Component Analysis

Guan-Hsun Lin

Project: GPU accelerated parallel imaging reconstruction

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  • Office: 成功校區資訊系新館65C04.
  • CSIE Building 65C04, Cheng-Kung Campus
  • Lab : 成功校區資訊系新館65401
  • TEL : 06-2757575 ext 62555