Electromagnetics Laboratory
Eric Chihming Tsai

Calvin & Hobbes

I love electromagnetic theory and I wish you can also enjoy the fun.
Therefore I hope this homepage and its links will guide you to appreciate this wonderful theory.
They will include (I hope): the theory itself, its history, experiments, applications, research, programs,
and other interesting stuff in this field.
I also wish to use them as educational tools for my classes.
 To begin with, allow me to quote the brilliant remark by the physicist P.A.M. Dirac,

"I understand what an equation means
if I have a way of figuring out the characteristics of its solution
without actually solving it."

The Lab and Research

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves II

Radio Waves and AntennasRadio

Microwave Engineering

Computer Aided Design of Microwave Circuits

Advanced Electromagnetic Theory


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